How does the recommendation work?

If a new customer signs a fixed contract with us based on your recommendation, you will receive five hours as a gift!

Can a quote be made without a prior visit?

No, we are happy to provide indicative prices, but any specific quote requires a prior inspection.

How is the service charged?

Invoices are issued on a monthly basis. We receive the report from your cleaning lady at the end of the month, enter it in the system and create a detailed invoice for you. If you wish, you can receive this by mail or as a PDF by e-mail. For daily orders such as moving or window cleaning, you will receive your invoice after about 10 days by mail.

Are you insured against damage?

Yes, our insurance covers personal injury and property damage.

Does the same cleaning lady always come?

Usually yes, except for vacation replacements.

Where can I turn if I am not satisfied with the cleaning lady?

In such a case, we ask you to contact our office. We will be happy to deal with your complaint immediately and, if you wish, personally with you. In case of poor cleaning quality, we will immediately discuss all points with the cleaning lady responsible for you and, if necessary, provide further training or change the cleaning lady.